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More Pictures of Corrado with friends and family

In La Châtre, at the Ecole de printemps on lambda-calcul, Corrado with (from left) Simona Ronchi, Betti Venneri, Mariangiola Dezani and Silvio Micali (1978). The latter is the receiever, in 2013, of the Turing Award, the most prestigiuos prize in Computer Theory.La_Chatre.html

Corrado with Henk Barendregt in La Châtre, at the Ecole de printemps on lambda-calcul. (1978)

With Mariangiola Dezani, in Nijmegen, at the celebrations for the sixtieth birthday of Henk Barendregt (2007)

In Crete, at the ceremony where he was granted The award of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science. (2002)

In Gregynog, at the celebrations for the sixtieth birthday of Roger Hindley (1999)Greynog.html
In Swansea, at the first Workshop on lambda-calculus (1979)

In Rome, at the Birthday of Mario Coppo,with Mariangiola Dezani and Simona Ronchi (2007)

In Amsterdam, at the Meeting of Mathematics and Computer Science Section (1996)

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With son Emanuele

With daughter Ariela and wife Eva (in the back) at the openeing of one of Ariela’s art exhibitions

With wife Eva and granddaughter Mila

With wife Eva and grandson Alfredo

With wife Eva

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